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Hey there!

I'm Stephanie, a Social Media Consultant, online Content Creator and YouTube Specialist.

My job is to make social media less intimidating and less frustrating for you and to save you all the frustration that I went through when I started.

I understand social media and YouTube because I make content every day. I also work with entrepreneurs, influencers, business owners, and creatives who know they have what it takes to succeed on social media but need a little help along the way. Whether you need guidance, resources, or a small push here and there, I’ve got you covered.


Are you tired of feeling stuck?

If you’re ready to level up your social media or YouTube game, here are some tools to get you started! These will help you attract, engage and retain the RIGHT people with the RIGHT message and give your audience an AUTHENTIC experience!


Your time is valuable. My job is to simplify social media to make it less overwhelming, frustrating and time consuming for you.

How we can work together

Consulting & Strategy

I’ll work with you 1:1 to give you feedback, teach you the ropes or create a growth and community building strategy for you so you feel confident on social media and/or YouTube.

Social Media Management

If you simply don’t have the time to create and post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, I can take the posting off your hands completely.

Design & Content Services

I offer various freelance services: custom media kits, thumbnails, video content, proofing, editing, content writing and more.

What My Clients Say

  • “Stephanie showed me how to reach the right clients through Instagram. I didn’t understand why Instagram wasn’t working for me but it was working for other studios in the area. She helped me understand and showed me what to do. I was able to improve my feed, my profile and my hashtags with her help.”

    -Beth in LA
  • I (finally) sat down and finished up the Savy Social course tonight. It really is very helpful. I made sure to take notes so I can implement the tips. My channel is so specific but I’m working at it all the time and really appreciate you taking the time to put this course together!”

    -Kat in Chicago
  • Working with Stephanie was so rewarding. She looked at my YouTube channel, Instagram feed, and Facebook page and gave me really useful feedback on areas I could improve as well as what I was doing well. She showed me how to use several websites that offer services to YouTubers. I have started using them and they are making a big difference in how I choose what videos to make, how to title them, and what tags to use. I feel like I gained a year’s worth of experience in one phone call with her. It was obvious she spent a lot of time looking at my content and had actionable, specific feedback for me. I am well pleased with what I received for the money I spent. Thank you, Stephanie!!!

    -Kris in WA
  • I am so happy with the media kit Stephanie designed for me! I didn’t know what to put in a media kit or how to put one together that would look pretty to brands. She did it for me and it’s beautiful. I’m proud to send it out!

    -Suzanne in SC
  • Before working with Stephanie, I was really struggling on my own. I was thinking about quitting YouTube because I wasn’t getting the views I wanted and I was barely getting subscribers. I was seeing other people gaining subscribers and views and couldn’t see what they were doing that I wasn’t doing. After working with Stephanie, I understand there were things I was overlooking and things I could do better. My mindset and strategy completely changed. My channel is growing again and it’s all because I was given the tools and the confidence to do it that I didn’t have before. I was going to quit and now I feel like I can do this long term which I never thought would be possible!

    -Tamara in Dallas